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Where are the Hosting Social Networks?

Tue, 06 May 2008 09:27:41 +0000
How come the web hosting world doesn’t have more Online networks where we can meet and greet each other?  Here is another question from well, the best podcast audience ever.  Speaking of groups of people who gather in one place, Mark asks:
“How come there hasn’t been a web hosting social network yet?  Something like ...]

Hostican hosting is now partner with paymerica to offering merchant account, and allow hosting user to accept credit card payment much more easily at lowest processing fee possible.

Here follows the message that I received from the friendly

customer service at managemybox:

Talk to you soon

The Future of SaaS, and What Puts ThinkFree Ahead of Google

Thu, 08 Mar 2007 18:30:00 -0400

ThinkFree is way cool! I signed up for an account earlier this week, and its web-based spreadsheet, word processor and slide presentation apps work beautifully. TJ Kang, the company's founder, has been developing office productivity software since the 1980s, and it shows.

Founded in 1999. ThinkFree spent its early years as a desktop software company. Its online edition was released in April 2005. Now the LA Library offers it on 2,200 computers across 71 branches, and NHN, a Korean telco with 20 million subscribers, has integrated the product with its email system. In addition, over 250,000 individual users have signed up for accounts.

Unlike Zoho, which offers an amazing breadth of hosted services, ThinkFree focuses on three applications - but makes them available in more forms than you can imagine. Let's count them:

1. The ThinkFree-hosted edition

2. The server edition (for self-hosting by enterprise customers and on-premise hosting by telco and ISP partners)

3. The iPod edition (so that you can travel with your sales presentation, but not your computer)

4. The USB edition (which allows you to edit documents on someone else's computer without leaving any trace of your work after you disconnect)

5. The upcoming premier edition (which allows synchronized online/offline document editing), and

6. The also upcoming SMB edition (which allows companies to create groups for different sets of employees to share different documents).

All of the above offer round trip compatibility with Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

But I think what makes ThinkFree really, truly awesome is the company's idea of what SaaS should be like. VP Marketing Jonathan Crow says that one of his most important priorities is DocExchange, a shared repository of user-submitted documents. Because there's more to online collaboration than sharing documents with people you already know. It's also about leveraging and building upon the enormous amount of collective knowledge out there - knowledge that would have been inaccessible without SaaS. SlideShare and Swivel will have to watch out; as DocExchange evolves, ThinkFree users will be able to view public slides/datasets/documents - and reuse them on the spot.

This is as exciting as Amazon's EC2 machine image sharing announcement earlier this year. As Amazon puts it, sharing accelerates community-wide innovation. Not coincidentally, ThinkFree's document viewer runs on EC2, and DocExchange files are stored on S3. (SlideShare is an S3 customer as well.)

Earlier today Dennis Howlett wrote that being a Connector (in the Tipping Point sense) is part of every service provider's job description. Some connections are specific (you could introduce two customers to each other), others are sort of self-organizing (SlideShare making customer A's knowledge accessible to B, C and D through tags, auto-recommendations, etc), and still others are implicit (Freshbooks making aggregated invoice data available to customers within the same industry).

In the future of SaaS, I think, winning vendors will get ahead by being the best Connectors rather than the snazziest technology providers. (Which is why biggest community wins.) ThinkFree is well on its way. Google will most likely catch up. And Zoho; I'd bet on that. 1&1 CEO Andreas Gauger tells eWeek that he hopes to generate more SaaS than hosting revenues within 3-4 years. Could it happen? While he's got a sizable customer base, he's far from being in the Connector business. If I were him, I'd give TJ a call :)

Rsnapshot - A backup Utility

Fri, 08 Jun 2007 17:18:58 -0400
There are many ways to backup Servers. One of the better ways to accomplish this is using rsnapshot. Rsnapshot is nothing but a filesystem snapshot utility for backing up local and remote systems.

Rsnapshot is written in Perl, and depends on rsync. With ssh access, it is possible to backup remote servers.

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dreamhost is providing Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 1997 and
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Website Title: [ dreamhost Web Hosting : Home ]

Description: - Providing scalable Linux-based web hosting, domain
registration, and dedicated servers. Offering PHP4, Perl/CGI, MySQL, Miva
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Please don't treat this as an average piece of writing on web page design. A lot of effort and hard work has been put to get this end product!

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LLMP Configuration

Sun, 25 Mar 2007 02:41:42 -0400
LLMP is a better LAMP . It is fast
and stable. Lighty+php is 25% faster than Apache+mod_php . An
LLMP server will provide 2 to 3 times faster than a LAMP. Lighttpd webserver
is under BSD license so that you can configure it as you wish.

Worried About Churn? Your Marketing Department Might Be the Culprit

Tue, 06 Mar 2007 19:22:00 -0400

So far this year, at least 31 web hosts and domain registrars (see list) have reduced prices or increased resource allocations. Here's a quick breakdown based on a few different parameters:

(a) 11 offers were limited time; 20 were permanent adjustments;

(b) 19 had monetary impact, 12 did not;

(c) 19 were available only to new customers, 11 were available to all customers; JaguarPC was the only company whose offer benefited just current customers;

(d) Only Netazen offered non-overage-incurring current customers any financial benefit.

If I look at these stats with my end user's hat on, I would conclude that bandwidth, data storage and domain registration fees must be getting cheaper by the minute. Unfortunately, if I stay with my current provider, the best I can hope for is an unneeded increase in resource allocations. Loyalty doesn't pay if I want a deal that reflects current market conditions.

Given the going price of AdWords bids, is it such a good idea to reward switching? Instead of offering new customers a discount during the initial months of their contracts, what about a reverse promo that gives long-time customers a better price after they've maintained their accounts for some amount of time?

Missions Alive

Fri, 18 Apr 2008 09:50:10 -0500
The ministry of Harvey and LeAnn Waddelow, Missions Alive exists to motivate, educate, recruit, and equip churches and individuals for worldwide Christian missionary service.

That is why the better option is to build up your own list, which with the right online marketing tactics and strategy should not be too difficult to do. Once you have built a fairly huge list (which can be done quite quickly) you can then sell your hosting service to them even as you put up your web site to run the hosting service.

Web Hosting AvaHost.Net Newsletter. New Promotions and Coupons.

Tue, 29 Jan 2008 19:41:34 +0000
Monthly AvaHost.Net Newsletter. Jan 2008.
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Low Cost Web Hosting With No Advertising

Thu, 17 Apr 2008 16:24:01 EDT
Every Webmaster need a reliable web hosting service in order to publish his website materials on the internet, nowadays there are a lot of free webhosting providers where toy can signup for a free hosting account in minutes and start uploading your website files.

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Contest Code For Feed Subscribers

Sat, 08 Dec 2007 18:48:40 +0000
Just a short update post for anyone who subscribed to our blog’s RSS feed because of the contest.

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"I recently switched over from netherweb to hostgator and the service has been
excellent. They have a very good price of $9.95 for a buttload of stuff and
their servers are extremely fast. They support mySQL/PHP and a bunch of other
stuff. Best of all, they don't have any restrictions on content. I've been with
them for about 3 months or so and they're doing an excellent job."

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About Web Hosting Bandwidth and Server Load

Wed, 26 Mar 2008 06:28:28 +0000

By Matt Ryan

If you own an active website, two hosting issues you’ll definitely comes across are bandwidth and server load.

It is interesting to note that the term Bandwidth carries two meanings. Firstly it defines the magnitude of data that can be transferred to and from the server at any given point, hence the total network capacity available for users on a server. Secondly it also relates to the total limit of data transfer allowed for each user in a given month.

Any activity that you perform on the server causes consumption of bandwidth. For example each file you upload or download, any email you send or receive, any web pages that visitors to your website access etc, all of these actions result in network traffic being utilized.

Web hosting firms devise their plans and packages in a way that there’s a limit to total bandwidth that a customer can consume in a month. This makes sure that other users on the shared server also have enough traffic for their website visitors and that hosting companies themselves do not end up buying more bandwidth from their uplink provider.

The other important aspect affecting the performance of your website is server load. While server load has many definitions, it generally refers to the utilization of CPU. Just like every computer has a central processing unit to process instructions received from various applications, a web server also has a CPU that is central to its performance.

Anything you perform on the server adds some load even if very trivial to the CPU. In wider sense, the server load also refers to usage of other components like main memory, hard disk drives etc that are mistakenly taken as part of the CPU.

A request to visit a web page may result in server’s disk drive getting busy fetching files associated to that page from different locations, passing it to the main memory for visitor retrieval. While delivering web pages is a simple task, add customized scripts and web based database solutions in this scenario and very soon you’ll realize how tedious it becomes for the CPU to allocate limited memory among the competing requests.

Life would be much easier if all users on a shared server start to care about the load they are pushing onto the server, however generally that is not the case. Therefore it is important for you to learn if the shared server your website is hosted on is going under heavy load and stress caused by other users. Most of the times it’s only a small number of users that place the server under undue stress and only the system admin can figure out who they are. What you can do is ask your hosting company to move you to another server that is not heavily loaded.

Server load on a shared server is one of the reasons why many website owners prefer to have a dedicated server, especially those with successful websites. On a dedicated server it’s much easier to optimize your html pages and any scripts or databases you may have and see the result of this optimization in terms of faster website access and more satisfactory experience for your visitors.

Visit The Top Ten Web Hosts today to find out more about who some of the Best Web Hosts are and learn a bit more about Affordable Web Hosting

Article Source: - Create your own scrapbook.

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Established in 1997, Host Department is based in Wilmington, DE with data centers located in Fremont and Santa Clara, CA. Host Department emphasizes service to individuals, small / medium sized businesses (SMBs), and large corporations, designed for e-commerce. The company is currently serving over 550,000 customers worldwide with reseller / premium / specialty / free web hosting and domain name registration services supported by an unwavering commitment to 24/7 support. The company also offers web design and development services, as well as search engine submission.

Houston, Texas - (The Hosting News) - May 6, 2008 - The Planet privately held dedicated web hosting company, has unveiled six new promotions for May, including savings of up to 26 percent on its two Check Point solutions, as the company’s first-ever firewall discount.

Established in 2004, Eleven2 Hosting was started by two web developers who, at the time, could not find high quality hosting solutions that met their requirements. Now hosting over 60,000 websites and with ten years of experience, Eleven2 offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, and customized dedicated server plans. Data centers include locations in Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA. The company continues to reinvent the customer experience with VIP, an automated support system developed in-house. Eleven2 Hosting also provides domain sales and database/FTP/email hosting for small to medium sized businesses.

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If you are looking for forum hosting and forum web hosting plan, you had come to the right place. When selecting a forum hosting plan, its important to consider the following criteria:


Mon, 21 Apr 2008 07:01:29 -0800 posted a photo:


This article on reviews of web hosting may leave you speculating about #reviews of web hosting. Hope this speculation also leads to better understanding about reviews of web hosting.

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Cambridge SoundWorks

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Short Review on low cost web site hosting

low cost web site hosting Reviews & News

Renton, Washington - (The Hosting News) - May 5, 2008 - Server virtualization firm, Parallels’ Virtuozzo Containers, have been chosen to power managed hosting provider, Liquid Web’s new Microsoft Windows virtual private server (VPS) offering.

A lot of Web Hosts these days are taking the silly option of Overselling in order to get more customers, while they can’t actually provide it. Is this a good thing?

Abuse/Fraud desk agent

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 09:07:45 EST

About Us:

The 1&1 group is a leading Internet provider with more than 5 million customer accounts and the product range covers services such as web hosting including shared hosting, dedicated servers, domain names and online shops. The 1&1 products are supplemented by attractive value-added features, such as software for designing websites. All of the 1&1 products are operated by our high-performance data centers.

As an employee of 1&1, you can expect to be a valued part of a successful team and an industry leading with high growth potential. If you feel you are an excellent candidate for this position, please send us your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements. This position is in our Wayne, PA location, just outside Philadelphia. We prefer local candidates.


If you are eager to learn, a recent high-school or college graduate, and enjoy working with a young, dynamic, and fun- loving team then, you are in the right place! We are looking for a customer service focused individual for our fraud/abuse department.

Your job duties will include: Answering incoming e-mails and phone calls received from our customers. Investigating customer accounts for potential fraud. Professionally communicate company policies to customers who violate them.


* Strong spoken and written communications skills * Team player * Ability to communicate technical processes clearly * Eager to learn * Knowledge of online scams, such as phishing* Detail oriented * Ability to work independently as well as in a team setting * Dependable Technical abilities: * Strong knowledge of the Internet * Knowledge of FTP * Basic Linux knowledge

Perl Application Developer

Thu, 10 Apr 2008 12:39:08 EST

cPanel is currently looking for experienced Perl developers to further enhance our current software offerings. This position will focus on our cPanel and WebHost Manager web based hosting automation product.


  • US work eligibility
  • Perl programming experience
  • Regular expressions
  • Object oriented designMulti-tiered application development
  • Familiarity with rpm based *nix distributions (RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, etc)
  • Familiarity with ports based Operating Systems (FreeBSD)
  • Familiarity with: ApacheBINDEximMySQLOpenSSLPostgreSQLPureFTPd

Special consideration will be given to candidates with the following: Successful development record within open source projects

Contributions to CPAN Job Duties:

  • Creating new code for cPanel products
  • Updating and refactoring current product code
  • Solving problems through programming
  • Coordinating with management and other departments to share knowledge


  • Full Health, Vision and Dental coverage
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Free on-site lunch
  • Paid Vacation
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Casual Working Environment
  • 401K Matching

Comcast Considers Capping Transfer

Thu, 08 May 2008 00:00:00 EST
May 8, 2008 -- ( <> WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- According to reports appearing on telecommunications message boards Wednesday, US telco giant Comcast may be considering placing transfer limits on its Internet subscriber accounts.

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